Need alteration for your bridesmaid dress? We know you are excited about your best friend or sister’s wedding but trying on that bridesmaid dress is also important. Fitting a dress perfectly in a single go is a stroke of luck that only a few mortals get.

Therefore, trying on your dress at least two weeks before the big day is better. Many women, including the brides and the bridesmaids, make the mistake of leaving this for the last moment.

Bridesmaid dress alterations are serious; you have no idea how in-demand this business is. It also means you must contact your seamstress before they run out of schedule.

But where to get bridesmaid dress altered in Orange County and Los Angeles? Here are some tips to get your dress altered;

1. Work with a Professional

Instead of working with someone who just happened to open their shop in your area, choose someone that is experienced and knows how to help you with your bridesmaid dress alterations.

2. Ask for Referrals 

Ask your friends, female family members, and colleagues if they know of someone who could help you with your dress at a reasonable price.

3. Check Online Reviews

When choosing an online tailor or seamstress, check what their previous clients have said about them. Check the service, delivery time, and prices.

Why Bridesmaid Dress Alterations are Important?

White bridesmaid dress in the interior of the hotel, purple background

Yes, why don’t you just get the dress and wear it without getting it altered? This is something that comes to nearly every future bridesmaid’s mind. And the simple answer is that bridesmaids are at the forefront along with the bride.

This means if you are gracing the wedding as a bridesmaid, all eyes will be on you. So, you must look your best. Here are some reasons to get your bridesmaid dress altered;

  • Because these dresses are made to fit all, it is very likely that they may have gaps that you need to answer. Adjust the armholes and bust according to your size to avoid uncomfortable situations.
  • To make the dress flattering for your figure. And this is even more important if you have the coveted hourglass figure. The dress needs to fit around the bust and hips area. If it is loose, it will seem shapeless and not give the required effect and shape.
  • And last but not least, ensure that you are comfortable. If a dress is too loose or tight, it will not be comfortable, and you will look awkward. And, of course, you do not want to ruin the wedding photos. 

When Googling your ‘bridesmaid dress alterations near me’ query, make sure you choose and work with a reputed tailor or seamstress.

When to get the bridesmaid dress altered? Ideally, you should not be late for more than two weeks. Try it on when you get the dress and get the alterations done as soon as possible.

However, make sure you find the right answer to your ‘where to get bridesmaid dress altered near me’ query before you choose anyone.

In Conclusion:

When going to one of your friends’ or family’s wedding event, having a bridesmaid dress as a woman is a necessity. By working with a professional, asking for referrals and checking the reviews of the alteration business you want to work with, could help you make a wise decision and appear as gorgeous as ever at the wedding event. Rita bridal offers the latest wedding dress alternation methods available for you in Orange County and Los Angeles, California. Visit our website and let us design the wedding dress of your dreams!


How to Get Bridesmaid Dress Alterations for the Perfect Fit