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Wedding dress alterations is our expertise. We take pride in being one of the leading bridal shops in Orange County, California, to offer the brides professional wedding dress alteration services. Our emphasis on a unique and flawless dress for your special day differentiates us from other bridal shops. We can help you with any alteration requirement for your bridal gown. Our bridal alteration experts do what level of alteration you need. Whether you need simple tweaks or complete recycling, we are here for you.

What kind of alteration do you need? Whether you need to adjust the hem or take in/out the waist and hips, alter the neckline, add sleeves or adjust the length of the straps, we are here for you. Rita bridal provides expert bridal alteration services that include bridesmaids, the mother of the bride& groom, fully custom alteration, and other party members. Our qualified team with years of experience makes the brides’ dreams come true and provides tranquility before the wedding. With our endless skills, abilities, and can-do attitudes, we at Rita bridal make a fit wedding gown for your Special Day!

We are number one in California’s alteration and design. Your convenience is our goal. We also design one-of-a-kind dresses you won’t find anywhere else. Over the past 20 years, Rita bridal has established itself as one of the leading bridal shops in Orange County. Our attention to detail and professional and qualified seamstresses enable us to meet our customers’ needs.

At Rita Bridal, we believe that your dress should be the best representation of you and your style, and sometimes that means customizations! Our wedding dress tailor is accustomed to the bride’s crazy requests and additions to dresses. Buying a wedding dress is just the beginning of the journey. The gown of your dreams needs a few alterations to suit your body and style perfectly. Our highly experienced, fully qualified bridal seamstress will understand your needs and requirements, noting every detail to ensure your dream is transformed into reality. Our experience and attention to detail are just one of the reasons our team can perfectly shape wedding gowns according to your expectations. Undoubtedly, your wedding day is the most unique and memorable day of your life, and we believe that your wedding dress showcases who you are.

What Makes Rita Bridal Special in Bridal Alteration?

  • We believe in high-quality alteration; whether you purchase from our bridal salon or order online, our experienced seamstress alters your wedding gown to fit like a glove.
  • We believe in charging our customers reasonable and fair prices
  • We customize your dress in any way you like. Whatever you want, we got you.
  • We have altered thousands of brides’ wedding gowns, so we can do any kind of restyling, resizing, and alteration.
  • No matter how complicated the alteration might be, we have the expertise to find you a solution.
  • Wedding dress alterations couture is an art and science. We bring both together to make a perfect alteration work on your wedding gown.
  • We are happy to provide a wide range of services to help you upgrade the flattery of your dress, including restyling, restructuring, sculpturing, revamping, and remodeling.
  • We are a one-stop bridal shop for all party attendants’ alterations: Mother of the bride & groom alteration, bridesmaid’s alteration, vintage dress restoration, and fully custom alteration, all available.
  • We have offered full-service in site alteration service.

Rita Bridal Gown Alteration Services:

Taking in and reducing size

Letting out



Adding Sleeves

Reshaping neckline

Shortening/lengthening straps

Shortening/lengthening hems

Replace zip

General repairs


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Weddings are stressful; your dress alterations shouldn’t be. We want to know all about your goals and ideas about wedding dresses. When you fill out the Consultation form, don’t forget to include pictures of you wearing your beautiful dress and any inspiration photos!

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Almost all wedding dresses need alteration because each body shape is unique. There are no such things as standard body shape, and every dress needs alteration even a bit! If your dress needs alteration, it is crucial to have a plan in advance. The complexity of the alteration you need depends on the fabric and material of the gown. Our priority is your convenience, so our tailor at Rita bridal recommends bringing your wedding gown at the earliest opportunity. If our seamstresses have enough time, we can have several fittings and deliver your dress in the best shape.

Brides always have different experiences during alteration. The number of fitting you need depends on the dress’s fabrics and how much your body changes before the wedding. At the first meeting, the seamstress starts pining and tucking the materials. At the second fitting, the essential changes have been done, and the bride has a better idea of how the gown fits. Two alteration sessions can be enough but prepare to have three fittings! Schedule your final fitting two or three weeks before the wedding to avoid body changes.

According to our experience, you can alter a wedding dress two sizes down and a size up. A dress could also be recut if you need to take more than three sizes in. However, your seamstress could make other special alterations depending on your size or the dress’s current size.

The Rita bridal team believes in fair and reasonable prices; therefore, we try to offer our brides moderate rates. As you know, wedding alteration costs vary concerning fabrics and details, so we can’t tell you about alteration costs in advance. Our suggestion is to visit us at Rita bridal boutique, and we will provide a free quote.

We recommend our brides bring the undergarments and shoes for all wedding dress alteration appointments (bra, slip). The shoes and slip will determine the length of your gown, and the bra will help for the foundation of your bodice. Bring all these items for every alteration appointment.

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