Fully Custom Alterations

You Need for a Fully Custom Alteration Available at Rita Bridal

Over 30 years of experience in bridal alteration, Rita bridal has become Orange County’s leading fully custom alteration service specialist. At Rita Bridal Alteration, our highly trained seamstresses will work on your gown to ensure it fits you precisely. Our passion for our job and our attention to detail make us unique. Based in Orange County, California, We are highly regarded because of the quality of work and many years of experience in professional repair, fitting, and alteration.

At Rita Bridal, we offer a full range of professional custom wedding dress alterations, including taking in, reshaping, neckline restyling, adding bespoke embellishment, and shortening. We restyle your dress with attention to your personality and taste. Our highly experienced, fully qualified bridal tailors will understand your requirements and needs, noting every detail to ensure that your requirement is achieved. You might have bought your bridal dress from a bridal boutique, inherited it from your grandmother, or may have decided to wear a vintage wedding gown and need it resized, restyled, or remodeled. We can help you in any condition.

We specialize in professional alterations, including bridal alteration, bridesmaids’ alteration, and mother of the bride & groom alterations, based in Orange County, California. We also offer vintage dress restoration and fully custom alteration. We offer our brides different kinds of services to enhance the elegance and beauty of your dresses.

You will find information about the types of alteration services we can perform and our starting prices. We specialize in nearly all tailoring aspects and can help you with basic and intricate alteration/tailoring needs.

We have provided our brides with the correct fit that compliments their unique style and body type at Rita alteration. Our professional tailors and seamstress are experts in repairing, restyling, shortening, and remodeling all garments such as bride dresses, bridesmaids, and mother of the bride & groom dresses. If you do not find the information you’re seeking, contact us for more details. We are happy to help!

Rita couture and her team also do fully custom alterations for your convenience. Our custom tailors do any necessary alteration and fitting to give you an elegant look, including sculpturing, remodeling, accommodating for pregnancy, and designing bustle. We know that the wedding day is the most important day for every bride, that’s why we make sure that our bride looks unique and flawless.

At Rita bridal, we are committed to performing a perfect alteration. Our highly experienced, fully qualified tailor will work on your dress as long as it is required to create the perfect fit, and our team won’t be pleased with the results until you are. We have a considerable record for restyling, resizing, remodeling, altering, or repairing garments. We are famous for our precise attention to detail and reasonable price. Are you searching for a professional bridal alteration specialist to fix and customize your gown? Look no further! No matter how complicated your alteration might be, we have the experience and skills at Rita bridal to do the best alteration at a fair and reasonable cost.

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To make an inquiry, email us at RitaBridal@hotmail.com.

What Are Our Fully Custom Alteration Services

  • Custom resizing
  • Add push up bra cups
  • Design bustle-ups
  • Reconstruction
  • Recreate sweetheart neckline
  • Redesign corset lace-up back
  • Sculpturing
  • Rejuvenate silhouette
  • Redesign detachable train
  • Remodeling
  • Recreate sleeves
  • Accommodate for a pregnancy.


At Rita bridal, we are committed to excellence. It would be our pleasure to answer your questions about last-minute alterations for your wedding dress. Rita bridal has been serving California brides for over 30 years. Our team makes any endeavors to do the necessary urgent alteration for you to have a perfect look at the wedding, no matter how much urgent alteration is needed. We provide our services to brides throughout California, including Los Angeles and Orange County.

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