Vintage Dress Restoration

Vintage Dress Restoration Makes your Heirloom Dress Looks as Good as New

We specialize in vintage wedding dress restoration and dealing with several decades-old wedding dresses. Selecting a wedding dress is a significant life event. Maybe you are lucky enough to have a vintage dress passed down from your mother or grandmother. Many mothers’ or grandmothers’ dreams can be to watch the future generation walking down the aisle wearing old but still beautiful wedding dresses. We sincerely believe that wedding dresses should be repaired and worn and not end with landfills. At Rita bridal, we understand that vintage dresses are unique and delicate. We treat each gown with care and respect. Our team has the unique skills, equipment, and expertise to return vintage wedding dresses to their original appearance.

Unfortunately, every dream is shattered when the dress is pulled out of storage! You may find many stains on the dress from nowhere. But the good news is that we try to offer our brides affordable restoration services that make you dress as good as new. Our team doesn’t let your timeless memory from a momentous day become a lost memory. Wedding dress restoration needs love and precision. When we receive your gown at Rita bridal, we will go through a detailed evaluation to determine the type of damage on the dress. Restoration of old wedding gowns involves removing all yellowness and coloration of the Over the years, when the garment is not stored safely, the oxidation process occurs and causes the yellowing of the gown.

Rita Bridal 8 Steps in Restoration Wedding Gowns

Inspection prior to cleaning

Preparation for cleaning


Dry cleaning


Inspection & Re-assembly


Boxing and packaging

Our highly-skilled professional specialist offers you top-rated vintage wedding dress restoration. With our restoration service, you can’t see any sign of flooding or smoke damage in any fabric. Our team at Rita bridal is truly committed and can be trusted to treat your family heritage as if it were their own.

What We Do for Vintage Dress Restoration at Rita Bridal

  • Removing stains, grease, lipsticks, or any other annoying stain from your precious heirloom.
  • We remove yellowness and brown patches, which appeared after being kept many years in the closet.
  • We use eco-friendly procedures for cleaning and avoid using toxic and dangerous chemicals.
  • Our method is more efficient and gains better results than dry cleaning.

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Absolutely! You can restore a yellow wedding dress with modern methods. These methods are safe and guaranteed. You only need to find a reliable and professional wedding dress restoration provider.

Ideally, you should clean and restore your wedding dress as soon as possible. The actual truth is that it is never too late to have a wedding dress cleaned and preserved.

We recommend using a garment bag and storing your wedding dress in its proper garment bag away from light. A plastic bag also emits fumes that can yellow your dress.

The wedding dress restoration price is not what you expect. It is more affordable than you think. We try to offer you fair and reasonable prices. Our wedding dress restoration service with a fair price is a small cost you pay for a lifetime of beautiful memories that honors a special loved one in your life.

Wedding dresses are made of delicate and special fabrics, and these fabrics tend to turn yellow over time. Wedding dresses fabrics such as silk, satin, and other delicate fabrics don’t respond well to oxygen in the air if left untreated for a long period. We recommend sending your dress to be examined before we start the restoration.

Our cleaning and preservation specialist starts a complete inspection of your gown; then, we determine if any problems might come up during the restoration process, this case is infrequent. Our exclusive cleaning technology can wonder anyone.

It is better to perform any altering or the adding of adornments before sending in your dress to be restored. Our cleaning process applies a protectant to your gown that will protect against bodily oils and other stain-causing liquids that may contact your dress during your wedding ceremony. By having your dress restored after alteration, you’re assured that you have a vibrant, clean,  protected vintage wedding dress to wear on your wedding day.

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