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One-of-a-kind Custom Wedding Dress Design by Rita Bridal

We are proud to offer our brides unique custom wedding dresses for the big day. Every bride dreams about having an off-the-rack custom wedding dress made just for her. Maybe you have a specific wedding dress in your mind; whatever your reason is, having an exclusive gown according to your style is tempting. A custom wedding dress is made according to the bride’s order. Choosing to have a custom-made wedding gown is a time-consuming procedure, but it’s an exciting experience, and the results worth it.

If you’re considering having your wedding dress custom-made, Rita bridal, with over 30 years of experience, is one of the most professional wedding dress designers in Orange County, California. We want to design unique wedding dresses with high-quality fabrics and a remarkable silhouette. Our brides should stand in the crowds. Our custom wedding dresses match the brides’ personalities and characters.

A seamstress makes custom-made dresses for a specific individual. There’s an increasing demand for made-to-measure clothing with the recent rise in different fashion trends. We want to evoke a new spirit at Rita bridal in our custom wedding gowns. Our team hopes to design unique and one-of-the-kind dresses for weddings to make the brides feel the best version of themselves. At Rita bridal, we love the freedom to use our skills to create a memorable and jaw-dropping wedding dress, a wedding dress that brings satisfaction and a strong sense of achievement.

We love to design wedding dresses because we bring joy to the brides’ lives. We assure the brides to have any dress style they desire without limitation. The driving force behind our work is our passion for creativity and quality.

Professional Custom Wedding Dress Design Process at Rita Bridal

Designing a custom wedding dress is a creative journey. Collaboration between the bride and the designer is essential where two minds and ideas meet to develop a unique vision. The sketch is created, and we decide about the fabrics, trims, and embellishment. The next step is taking detailed measurements. A similar mock fabric is made. After that, numerous toile fitting is done to create the final pattern. All gowns are hand-made, and the next level is to cut the dress with final fabrics. We turn the dress becomes a piece of art. If you need more information about our design service, contact us.

Why Choose Rita Bridal for Designing Your Custom Wedding Dress?

Rita bridal is happy to have the honor of designing the most important dress of your life, it’s an extraordinary time for the bride, and it’s such a pleasure to be a part of someone’s wedding journey. Our experienced seamstresses will do excellent work on your dress to have a perfect look. The wedding dress design is not a simple process. Delicacy and attention to detail are very crucial. Our purpose is your complete satisfaction. We are famous for our unique and special designs.

Wedding Dress Design Cost at Rita Bridal

Every wedding dress is unique. We quote individually for each dress to ensure that you get a fair price. We believe in charging our brides reasonable and fair prices, but dresses can vary with regard to fabrics and detail. We offer a price list for our designed trains.

Need information on wedding dress prices? Don’t hesitate to give us a call and get a quote today! We’re delighted to help.

If you need any more information, don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail, phone, or using the contact form on this site. Alternatively, book an appointment at your convenience – we’ll be delighted to help.

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The approximate timeline for designing a custom wedding dress is 3-6 months, but the fabrics and embroidery can extend the timeline. We recommend talking to the designer to ensure the material and shipment timeline.

We start creating custom wedding dress designing with an initial consultation to find out all about you, your wedding plans, and your style, asking if you have any ideas for your dress. You might have Pinterest or a scrapbook, and we’d love to see those. We’ll chat through styles, underwear, and budget, then we will give you a quote.

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