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At Rita bridal alteration shop, we believe that every mom is unique, so mother of the bride alteration is as important as the bride’s dress alteration. we offer professional alteration services for the mother of the bride or groom to have elegant, affordable, classically fit. The harmony with other attendants and the ceremony’s theme make a wedding unique. At Rita bridal, we offer the mother of the bride professional dress alterations to create an exquisite look. Based in Orange County, California, Rita bridal is a professional alteration shop with over 30 years of experience, making the wedding day special for every attendant. Brides are busy before the wedding, and having a professional tailor comforts them about having a fit and flare dress for all the related members.

There is not a prouder moment than the moment you see your lovely daughter walking down the aisle on her big day. As the bride’s mother, you need to look stunning on the most important day of her life. Our seamstress helps you look amazing with a professional mother of the bride alteration. We care about all the attendants at the wedding. Are you looking for a professional seamstress to fit an occasion as important as your son or daughter’s wedding? Look no further. As you help your dear son or daughter prepare for their big day, remember to take time for yourself. By planning with Rita bridal, celebrate your child’s special day looking and feeling beautiful. Your look is as important as the bride or groom. All eyes are on the brides at the ceremony, but other party attendants are also essential; their dress should be in harmony with the bride’s dress and the wedding theme. A professional and exclusive alteration for the mother of the brides and groom is what makes a wedding a perfect one.

We take prides in being one of the leading bridal shops in Orange County that offers exclusive mother of the bride dress alteration service. Our alteration experts do what level of alteration you need. Our emphasis on a unique and flawless mother of the bride dress differentiates us from other bridal shops in Orange County. Whether you need simple tweaks or complete recycling, we are here for you.

At Rita Bridal, we believe that your dress should best represent you and your style. Our experience and attention to detail are just a few reasons our team can perfectly shape wedding gowns according to your expectations.  Rita bridal provides expert bridal alteration services that extend to bridesmaids, mother of the bride& groom, fully custom alteration, and other party members.

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Our team at Rita bridal will be happy to answer your questions about the mother of the bride& groom’s dress alteration. Rita bridal has served California’s brides for over 30 years and is happy to answer any questions about dress for mother of the bride alteration and design. We provide our services to brides and party attendants throughout California, including Los Angeles and Orange County. You can trust our professional team with any alteration, from a simple hem shortening to significant modifications and general repairs, whether you have purchased a luxury or a simple dress that needs altering.

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  • Color:There’s not one specific color the bride’s mother should wear. The number one requested color for the mother of the bride and groom is navy. Other popular colors include blush and shades of nude. It would be better if the bride’s mother chose a color that doesn’t steal the spotlight from the bride.
  • Wedding Venue: The wedding venue is another factor determining the mother of the bride/groom wearing code. A formal setting needs an upscale outfit, while a casual look is appropriate for a laid-back ceremony.

Like any tradition, every wedding ceremony has its unique wearing etiquette. Following these etiquettes enhance the wedding harmony. The mother of the bride’s dress can be whatever she likes. Trendy midis, formal jumpsuits, and silk evening gowns are great options for the bride’s mother. There is no need for the mother of the bride’s dress to be a complete match with the bridesmaids’ attire.

Before shopping for the bride’s mother, it is better to ask about the bride’s opinion about the color and style to avoid a similar look to the bride’s dress.

It is recommended that the bride’s mother avoid the white, ivory, or champagne colors so as not to take the bride’s attention.

The bride’s mother is the first to choose her dress, and the mother of the groom’s color should complete it. If the mother of the bride and groom have the same color, they can show the distinction by using different accessories.

When it comes to color choices, navy is the number-one most requested color for the mothers of the bride and groom. Other popular colors include blush and shades of nude. Traditionally, you want to avoid white, black, and red.

The Mother of the Bride needs to collaborate with the Mother of the Groom, then they decide whether they will be wearing short or long dresses, but both are acceptable.

So many people believed that black was a ‘sad’ color and should not be worn at weddings where you are celebrating—but that is old news! Black is and could be perfect for the mother of the bride or groom on the wedding day.

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