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Rita Azad was born in the 1973 in Tehran, Iran – not exactly the fashion capitol of the world.

After graduating from Mathematic in Tehran in 1991, Rita took her dreams to study fashion design and she moved to Orange County, California landing a job at Pana

In 2013, Rita decided to strike out on her own with a professional alteration brand. Her business blossomed over the years with her flawless alterations for many wedding dress stores through high end bridal boutiques in Southern California.

In 2020, Rita expanded her business, Rita Bridal offers several couture collections including a cocktail dress and evening gowns.

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Rita Azad
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Rita Azad

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Trying my suit on for the first time was a really special moment. How it felt to wear and how it made me feel was amazing. Thank you so much for my wedding suit. Very enjoyable experience. On the big day the suits looked great and we had many positive comments.

Peter Hobden

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I received the suit this week and I love it. It’s been beautifully made and every detail is perfect. Please pass on my appreciation to the tailor and the team that made it. Thank you guys, you are the best. I will recommend you.

Richard Romero

This is by far the best suit I ’ve owned, and I’ve owned custom made suits before. The suit from Peter Mason fit like a glove. So did the shirt I ordered. I recommend booking an appointment to get measured properly and to choose your own fabric. You are the best!

Frankie Morales

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