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Professional Wedding Dress Fitting in Orange County

At Rita bridal, fitting is everything. Even the most expensive wedding dresses without professional wedding dress fitting look ordinary. Located in the heart of Orange County, Rita bridal is an intimate and quiet bridal alteration and design shop that gives you a unique experience in bridal shopping. You can share the joy of being a bride with a designer with us.

Wedding gowns are complicated creations, and alteration is a delicate procedure that needs hard-to-work-with fabrics and detailing!

Let’s say hello to alterations! On your wedding day, you are the star; it is the only day you will be showing off your stunning dress, and the last thing you should face is an ill-fitting wedding dress. Our Rita bridal team helps the brides have all the necessary alterations to have a fit and flare wedding dress.

Rita bridal offers professional fitting services for brides who want to look flawless and have fitted wedding dresses. Most brides already know that dress alteration is inevitable, but there may be some important things they don’t already know about wedding gown alterations.

A skilled seamstress or tailor can make some changes to the wedding dress and turn it into a truly unique gown. You can often add sleeves or straps during the wedding dress fitting, adjust the hem, replace a zipper with a corset back, add buttons, and choose a unique bustle style. Do you like to stand out in the crowd? These bespoke details make you the gem. At Rita bridal, we do care about the details. We listen to you. We understand how you imagine yourself at the wedding and make a unique look for you. Do you want to have a wedding dress as fit as a glove? Have you ever thought about how delicate fitting a dress would be? For more information about the process, contact us.

What Do We Do in Rita Bridal for Dress Fitting Process

In order to have a perfect bridal fit, an experienced tailor makes different alterations to the gown. Here is what we did according to the dress’s fabric and total style.

Rita Bridal Basic Alterations

Just as the name suggests, basic alteration involves making simple necessary alterations to the dress for a perfect fit. The tailor may analyze the gown and decide to adjust the dress’s length, shorten the strap, amend the sides of the dress for a better fit, or even shorten the hem. These changes are easy to make.

Riat Bridal Detailed Alterations

Detailed alteration is customizing the dress, which includes changing the dress’s neckline, changing its sleeves, adding lace trimmings, hand beadings, or even a bustle. This kind of alteration is time-consuming and costs more. However, if you set adequate budgeting and time, you can make all changes to have a perfect dress.

Why Choose Us?

At Rita Bridal, we are committed to excellence. Having a fitted wedding dress is what we bring to our brides. Our highly experienced, fully qualified seamstress will work on your dress as long as it is required to create a flawless fit, and we won’t be pleased with the results until you are. We have a considerable record for restyling, resizing, remodeling, altering, or repairing garments.

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While fitting a dress, make sure that it should not be too tight. The last thing you want on your big day is an uncomfortable tight dress for your body.

Usually, a dress can be altered from 1 to 2 sizes. Making a dress smaller is easier than making one larger. In case you need your dress tailored more than a few sizes, it’s probably best to bring it to a professional.

According to our experience, if you want an excellent dress fitting experience, try to have a timeline. Here is our preferred timeline for wedding dress alteration.


  • 3-4 Months before the wedding: Bring the Dress for Alterations 

We recommend bringing your wedding dress 3-4 months before the wedding .our tailors pay much attention to the details, so having enough time allows them to do their best. Living in California and Orange County gives you the chance to have a professional seamstress do a masterpiece on your wedding gown and make a fit and flare wedding dress.

  • 2-3 months before the wedding: Your First Fitting

 You are close to the wedding .2-3months before the wedding, it is probably the time for your first meeting. Your tailor marks your gown with all the required alterations in the first meeting. At this appointment, don’t forget to bring your wedding shoes.

  • 4-6 Weeks before the wedding: Your Second Fitting 

One month before your wedding and you’ll have your second fitting. This fitting session is similar to the first session. You have your wedding shoes and wedding undergarments in the fitting room. We recommend our brides bring the accessories and jewelry they would like to wear at the ceremony. In the second meeting, you should confirm everything requested from the first fitting was completed, and you will decide whether the total look of the dress is as you imagined.

  • 2-3 Weeks before the wedding: Your Third Fitting (and Sometimes Final) fitting 

Finally, the big day is coming. You are close to wearing your dream dress. Two or three weeks before the wedding, you will have your final fitting. After confirming the alteration and making necessary changes, your wedding dress will go home with you. In case of any need for further alteration, you’ll pick up your wedding dress from your bridal salon two weeks before your wedding day.

The Rita Bridal team believes in fair and reasonable prices; therefore, we try to offer our brides moderate rates. As you know, wedding fitting costs vary regarding fabrics, finding, and details, so we can’t tell you about alteration costs in advance. Our suggestion is to visit us at Rita bridal boutique and provide a free quote.

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