Looking beautiful on her big day is every woman’s birthright. This time and moments come only once in everyone’s lives, which is why you must look your best. And your wedding dress has the main role in it. Every bride wants a dress that fits her perfectly and makes her look stunning. Though not impossible, creating this perfect dress needs work and some alterations here and there.

Due to this, it is advised that you try your wedding dress at least two weeks before the big day. You will have ample time to finish everything and prepare for your wedding.

Wedding Dress Adjustments

What are the common wedding dress alterations? Here are some common wedding dress alterations;

The Hem 

Manufacturers often make longer hems so that the dress can also fit taller clients. Therefore, it is the most common alteration request tailors receive.

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Buttons and Loop

Loops or train loops are ribbon loops that maintain the flexibility of your dress and allow you to move around freely. You can choose the long or short train loop, which is attached later.

Fitting the Hips and Waist 

All dresses must be taken in or out around the waist and hips. When looking for the dress, ask the sales consultant to guide you about how much it could be taken in or out.

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Fitting around the Chest 

Many dresses have quite a generous fitting around the bust area. This must be altered to fit every bride’s shape and avoid uncomfortable situations. This could not be easy to achieve but talk to your seamstress about it.

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Straps Adjustment 

Wedding gowns are usually made with longer straps. It is so that the dress could fit different brides. This alteration is somewhat cheaper and will not cost you a lot.

The Waist Stay 

A waist stay helps keep your dress in place. It could either be an elastic or ribbon band. Adding a waist stay is a must if you wear a strapless gown. It is an easy alteration, and you can get it done quickly.

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The Neckline 

Neckline alterations are essential, and having them can make a massive difference to your dress. You can get the neckline opened or closed based on your preference and requirement. Before and after wedding dress neckline alterations will determine the price.

The Back 

Wedding dress back alteration is pretty versatile, as you can get any back you want. Discuss it with your tailor and see what could be done about it. Usually, brides like to have a lacy back. The cost will depend on the kind of alteration you have done.

Final Note 

Alterations for wedding dresses are very common because no one size fits all. However, you can still get the dress of your dreams. Talk to your trusted tailor and work with him or her to create a beautiful dress for your wedding day.

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