When planning a destination wedding, most venues provide wedding dress steaming services as part of their wedding package. Despite the best fresh steam, a few creases usually appear before the big day. 

A portable steamer is a great way to ensure that the gown looks its best! When using a travel steamer, we recommend using a white washcloth to steam. As a result, there will be no water stains on your gown! 

For the shift to dry more quickly, the steamer should be placed under the dress’s layers rather than above them. The fringe will be less likely to get creased while ironing if you flip the gown around once you’ve done the front. 

As the dress dries, hang it as high as possible to remove any creases that may have formed. After that, it will be wrinkle-free and ready to make an entrance down the hall. Except for these recommendations, I will give you ten more tips you can use to stream your wedding dress streaming.

1.Wedding dresses fabric needs

Some wedding dress fabrics might seem more wrinkled after steaming; consult your designer for such problems. These fabrics aren’t standard in modern fashion, yet they may be stunning. It would help if you had a bare iron (keep it normal heat) for these materials. Then it would help if you had a piece of rough cloth—normally a fresh hand towel. Remember that natural textiles wrinkle readily, so accept them.

2.Choose a trustworthy steamer

Find a professional steamer to receive the most outstanding results. It’s nice to enlist the support of family and friends to help you get ready, but it’s also a good idea to assign someone to steam the gown the night before the big day so they can familiarize themselves with the process of wedding dress streaming.

Steam a Wedding Dress

3.See if your designer has any advice for keeping your gown in decent condition

Steamed dresses should be stored in various ways, from how they are put on the hanger for steaming. Using a knuckled towel to keep the form of the bust area, or draping the sleeves in a specific position, can assist some gowns. Even though every dress is unique, your designer may offer advice based on their extensive knowledge of different styles and materials.

4. Not worth it? Steamed up in a bathroom

Some dresses don’t require much to get rid of the creases. Needing to transport a steamer might be a pain when you are going to an outdoor event or an unconventional spot for your big day. A steamer may not be necessary when your dress is modestly constructed with rayon and a too-heavy gown with an unobstructed skirt and fringe that hasn’t been packed away. 

Steam a Wedding Dress


A high hanger can be used to hang your dress when you take a bath for the wedding so that it is safe outside the suitcase overnight. Most wedding dresses need a good soak in the tub, some time, and plenty of steaming.

5.Get a steamer ready

Acquire a high-quality steamer, which most resort generally offers in their services, or get your own. Some friends may have steamers they can lend you, but check the condition before using them on your white gown. Sometimes it happens that those streamers are not in use for a long time, and moisture sitting within them will emit colored liquid, and nobody needs it. It can spoil your dress. 

If you decide to get like this, it is a shock at how often you’ll utilize it. Your bridesmaids may also need their gowns steamed simultaneously; tell them when the steamer for the dress will be accessible for the wedding dress streaming service.

6. Do steaming inside from a distance

This is an additional safety measure to protect the fabric from being harmed. It is possible to steam most dresses properly if you take some precautions to absorb any water drips, but it is always best to check in and out before streaming.

Don’t put the steamer’s nozzle directly against the cloth; instead, maintain a little distance between the dress and the streamer. However, steaming the whole dress is not a bad option. It is ideal for individually steaming each layer of the skirt; however, this is not always necessary.

7. Wear gown carefully

Avoid undoing all the hard work that was put into the steaming process. You will have more difficulty wearing your sandals after the gown is on. When your hair and cosmetics are covered with your arms, you need a friend to help you stand up on a height to give final touch-ups to your dress. 

8.Wrap the steamer’s forehead with a piece of cloth

You may wear an old white t-shirt or a thin white handkerchief that you don’t care about. As you steam, use this to collect any water droplets that might damage the garment or burn your arm. Avoid putting any portion of your body right in the steam path since it might cause burns.

9. The veil is a must-have thing

Make sure your veil is clean and wrinkle-free before your big day, so it doesn’t interfere with your dress! When steamed, veils may provide a stunning contouring effect. They can take a while to steam, but they’re typically relatively simple. Be mindful of any glued-on rhinestones or embellishments to avoid melting the adhesive and causing them to fall out of position or entirely off. 

Be careful with steamers before wedding dress streaming since many ancient polyesters are sensitive and may melt if used with vintage veils. That being said, it’s always better to be cautious than sorry.

10. Enjoy your day

Remember that this is your big day and you must look more pretty on your face than in the dress. Wrinkles won’t matter when you’re walking down the aisle and looking at your husband with all of your heart! 

If your wedding calls for little walks, a few wrinkles may be added. Don’t worry about it. Let it be. 

Final Thought

Wearing a wrinkled dress, especially for a bride-to-be, is not ideal. It’s essential to take care of any wrinkles or creases on your gown before the big day, so you don’t have to worry about it on the big day. Use the ten expert suggestions mentioned above to avoid a crinkled wedding dress on your big day. Bridal gowns steaming is not an easy task because bridal dresses are made of multiple layers and different fabrics. Rita bridal has a wedding gown steaming service, and items including groom suits, bridesmaids’ dresses, and flower girl dress steaming options are available. For more information about our steaming service, contact us.