Consider yourself fortunate if you received a beach-style wedding dress invitation. Being near the ocean, with its salty air and pounding waves, makes you feel more alive. However, if you’re a wedding guest, you might not know what to dress. Heels wouldn’t be practical in the sand, and a flowing evening gown might look out of place. On the other hand, you can feel like you’re dressing too casually in a sundress with prints.

Recognizing the expected level of formality will help immensely when deciding what to bring as a guest. At weddings, guests might feel comfortable on the beach in tea-length dresses, jumpsuits, and flowy maxi dresses. A strapless ball gown will not be as practical as a flowing, beachy wedding dress. Dressing in solid bright colors, pastels, or neutrals is a great way to seem put together and sophisticated while fitting in with the beachy vibe of the event.

Dress Code for a Traditional Beach Wedding

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Choosing an appropriate outfit for a marriage ceremony on the sand can be challenging. A black tie requires a full suit with a jacket, so gentlemen, please plan accordingly. You could choose a case of more breathable material to avoid overheating in the hot summer months.

Resort wear gowns in various colors and elegant sandals are common choices for bridesmaids at beach weddings.  

Sand makes it challenging to walk in closed-toe or high-heeled shoes. More formal clothes are preferred for weddings that take place in the evening as opposed to the day.

Dress code for semi-formal Beach Wedding

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Men should wear suits instead of jackets to a semi-formal beach wedding. In some cases, you may be allowed to skip the blazer altogether. Light and flowing party wear or other forms of social wear are recommended for females. Simple modifications, such as the addition of beachy jewelry, elegant footwear, or lightweight silk textures, might transform your outfit into one more fitting for a wedding ceremony on the beach.

Some other options of dress code for women

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Women invited to beach-style weddings may dress comfortably in bright colors and airy fabrics. Wearing a basic black dress to a beachside wedding is not recommended. To avoid overheating in the hot summer weather, women should pick softer shades and materials that allow air to circulate. A maxi dress, which is both a long gown and a comfy choice, is an excellent option.

Throw a scarf around your arms if you believe you might need extra warmth as the night progresses. Alternatively, you can pair a skirt with a formal top or an uneven wedding dress.

Some other options of dress code for men

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With a beach ceremony, you have more versatility in your clothing choices. A pattern like a soft cotton suit coat may be a unique pattern that you could flaunt. Pair with a waistcoat and slim seersucker pants for the ultimate in classy beachwear. Blue and white spotted linen is known as seersucker.

A white button-down shirt and beige pants are other options for the casual male wardrobe. Some men may feel uncomfortable in a blazer, sports coat, or another form of tailored outerwear in the summer heat. If you’re looking for something with a little more color, a pink shirt and dark jeans are fantastic.

Men also have to consider their footwear selection in addition to their wardrobe. If you need to wear anything with closed feet but don’t want to ruin your loafers with sand, deck shoes are a great alternative to formal wedding footwear. This boating-style footwear is appropriate for the wedding.

Wrapping It Up:

It is usually believed that beach wedding dress for guests will be dressy casual; however, while this may be the case for many weddings, other beach weddings may require more formal attire. In general, though, beach wedding dress for men and women consists of light and airy garments, including vivid colors, patterns (think floral), and some form of amusing accessory.

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