Wedding planning can be both thrilling and stressful. It can appear to be an endless voyage at times. The beauty resides in the intricate details: calling friends and relatives, selecting your wedding gown and bridesmaids, and finally walking down the aisle. Overall, it could be a lengthy and time-consuming process. But what happens when, after months of deliberation, a wedding gown does not fit perfectly? Or do you want to walk down the aisle looking like an 80s goddess in your mother’s wedding gown? Can I change the size, and if so, how many sizes can you alter for a wedding dress? Here is an article that will set you on the right track to getting your dream wedding gown.

How Many Sizes Can a Wedding Dress Be Taken in?

A bridal gown can usually be altered two sizes down and one size higher. A dress can be recut if you need to go up more than three sizes. However, depending on your size, the dress’s present size, and its uniqueness, your tailor may make other customized changes.

Taking in a dress is pretty simple; however, letting out a dress is more difficult. Because the amount of seam allowance on the dress and the type of fabric determine how far you can go without destroying the garment structure, this could make the dress a size larger but not more. Your apparel, however, might be manufactured two or three sizes larger. Your tailor must be imaginative with designs, side panels, and pattern adjustments.

We specialize in this, so you don’t have to worry about spoiling your wedding gown. If you don’t want any pattern alterations, go for the closest and most effective alternative to the identical dress. After all, the closer the dress is to your real size, the fewer adjustments you’ll need to make and the less money you’ll spend.

What do you do if your dress is too big?

When it comes to purchasing a gown, it’s usually best to opt for one that is close to your true size. This will help keep alterations to a minimum and ensure that the dress looks its best. That said, a talented tailor can often alter a gown several sizes too large. Just bear in mind that this will involve a significant amount of time and money, and some elements of the gown may need to be preserved. 

If you can get the sample gown at a great price and love the fabric and overall design, it can be worth the effort. However, it’s important to remember that most brides will not fit into a dress exactly as per the specified measurements, and it’s usually easier to take a wedding dress in than let it out. With that in mind, it’s usually better to go for the bigger size if you need help deciding which one to get. 

Many brides intend to lose weight or get in better condition for their wedding day, but this is extremely difficult to account for when purchasing a gown. Of course, you are the greatest judge of your own body and habits, so if you are convinced that you will fit a specific size in six months, order for the projected size. However, it is frequently difficult to predict where the weight loss or size will occur—and it is frequently not where a bride expects it to happen! Because of the stress, most brides will lose some weight during the process, whether trying or not, but it is usually an amount that can be accounted for in adjustments.

What do you do if your dress is too small?

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This is a more difficult task, but it is manageable. Some dresses have extra seam allowance and can be let out a size without causing structural issues. Much more, and your tailor will have to get imaginative. Nothing is impossible, but I plan to pay for the lengthy time required and be willing to make some design changes. We have lowered the backs of gowns, opened armholes, installed corset backs, and created discreet side panels for numerous brides, and we would be pleased to discuss your choices if this is your circumstance.

Are there any materials that cannot be altered?

When ordering your size, the beaded fabric must be primarily hand-stitched. But we have yet to find a fabric we cannot deal with.

When should you start making appointments to alter your wedding dress?

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You should contact your desired tailor or Maison 4-6 months before the wedding ceremony to discuss the best time to start changing your wedding dress! On average, you need 2-3 appointments with your tailor. However, in some cases, more appointments are required to ensure the right fit.

How much does it cost for a wedding dress alteration?

This question is the most important question related to wedding dress alteration. Altering a wedding dress depends on many factors, including the tailor you choose, the dress type, etc.

What should I bring with me to the appointment?

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You have to choose shoes and any other unique clothes that you can wear under your dress on the wedding day! Taking your shoes to your appointment will help you ensure the hem and bodice are the correct sizes, and your underwear will help your tailor make the dress. If your tailor or Maison is going to make a bodice for your wedding dress, it can be a good idea to take your bridesmaids or a family member with you to an appointment to help you adjust the bodice on your wedding day. This way, the tailor can teach her the correct way to change it, so when it comes time to get dressed for the wedding day, there will be no problem!

Mistakes in choosing bridal underwear

Never try to force something that is not your size. “Don’t try to do something that isn’t quite right.” The bra and underwear you choose should be “special, comfortable, and make you feel good about yourself.” Also, avoid underwear that constantly needs to be adjusted or moved. Getting sized takes little time and will make your wedding night easier and the rest of your dress shopping.

In conclusion

This article discussed How many sizes you can alter a wedding dress. Pattern modifications are usually helpful when it comes to bridal gown fittings. All you need is a professional tailor and the closest size to your actual size. Then unwind and prepare to rock the beauty down the aisle. 

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