Having your wedding gown altered may seem like another thing on your ever-growing wedding day to-do list, but this is not a decision to be taken lightly. Some wedding dresses are changed multiple times before the big day. This means your dressmaker or designer will need plenty of lead time before the big day to make any necessary adjustments.

wedding dress alterations

The bride’s gown is sure to be one of the most talked-about details of the big day. Knowing this, brides feel even more pressure to spend a lot of time and energy ensuring that their dress fits them perfectly. It’s standard advice that a bride’s wedding dress is the most perfectly fitting outfit she’ll ever put on.

That’s because you’ll get several fittings before the actual ceremony. How much does it take to make adjustments to a bridal gown? So that you may adequately prepare for your big day, it is essential to know how long it takes to make bridal gown adjustments.


How much alteration does your bridal gown require?


wedding dress alterations


It’s possible to make a lot of adjustments to specific bridal gowns. On the other hand, modifications to a wedding dress will take longer if it is very elaborate or is made to order. Some dresses, for instance, may require little more than a simple trim and a few inches of side adjustment to be perfect. You may wish to make alterations, such as a new strap or some more stitching. Alter wedding dresses could add time to the process, but they’re worth it to help you find the perfect dress. Your designer must attach flair to protect the clothing from touching the floor after the event.


When to get the wedding dress altered?


wedding dress alterations

Changes are most effective when implemented at the optimal time. If you do your last fitting too soon before the big day, your dress may fit differently. Though, time is of the essence here. It’s not a process you should panic about, so allow yourself at least a week in case your wedding dress needs to be adjusted. Most dresses may potentially change adjusted u24 hours, but that’s not optimal; you want pressured service.

We recommend scheduling your first fitting for three months. You will need the dress in your hands if you plan to make an extensive adjustment that incorporates your personalized details like magical collars, customized cuffs, and dramatically altered bottom shapes, as well as lace and medium to make trimming. Alterations to your wedding dress should ideally be made 3 to 4 months before the occasion.


Which alterations do brides usually request on their wedding dresses?


The most typical inquiries are:

  • Decency strips can be added to your custom covering for more modesty
  • Personalized details like patch pockets, laced backs, and sleeveless designs 
  • Fitted precisely at the waist, armholes, and neck


Can I make significant changes to my wedding dress?


The dress’s potential for personalization rests heavily on its style, texture, and accessories. Before placing your dress order, discuss any customization options you may have with the designer. Your safest choice is to choose a dressmaker familiar with your wedding dress style if you plan on making significant alterations.




Wedding dress alterations are essential to achieving your dreamy dress. Everybody is different and unique in their way, so mastering the fitting of the dress makes you feel relaxed and comfortable at your big event.

Your wedding dress must be sculpted to your body perfectly. Rita bridal is here to help you look gorgeous on your big day. We create the best experience possible for our lovely brides from beginning to end. With over 32 years of experience in altering and adapting wedding gowns. We offer you professional alteration service.

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